Coming soon: The Let’s Make Money Success Conference

Have you ever been so busy that you are not quite sure what is the most important thing to do with your day? That’s where I am right now. I am hosting and producing several projects right now. We are planning the Let’s Make Money Blogtalkradio show, have just begun to shoot the preliminary footage for The Think and Grow Rich Experiment and it’s only a couple weeks until my Let’s Make Money Success Conference event on October 5th, in Valencia, CA.

The big question is whether I can reach out to enough people to let them know the conference is happening. Viral social media is great if you catch the wave, but I feel as if I am struggling to stand up on the board, let alone ride all the way to shore. I have so much to learn.

However, even though it is challenging, if we want to succeed in today’s marketplace, it’s important to embrace the new ways of reaching other people. The consumer has changed. No one wants to be interrupted by telemarketers, wade through piles of mail left for the day when you have any ‘extra’ time to go through it. In fact, we don’t generally want to deal with sales pitches of any kind.

And the solution might be? It would be nice if I could hear you ask it. The solution is to really understand your client’s problems so that you can provide them some piece of information, some solution they want, as a gift. Then they are more likely to ‘lean in’ to your offer.

That’s why I will be spending the next couple weeks scouring resources to find information that will be valuable to the people I’d like to attend my conference. Such as referring them to Felix Hung’s blog “Babyboomers Without a Retirement Nestegg: Build a Business.” Building a business is one of the ways that I want to help people find to Make Money. The great revelation is that opportunities are everywhere if people will change their mindset.

That’s the theme of the Let’s Make Money Success Conference. We can create our own economy. We don’t have to listen to the news. We can create our own jobs, rather than waiting for someone else to decide we are good enough to work for them. We all have infinite potential to accomplish great things if we will just let go of the habitual thoughts that hold us back. There’s so much more to share. I’d love you to come to the conference and hear more.

Here are the details: Let’s Make Money Success Conference at the Hilton Garden Hotel opposite 6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA on October 5th. I will be joined by Rusty McMillen, ICR, Numis Network speaking about multiple streams of income and network marketing, as well as Kim Barbieri, managing director of The Martini Factory who is an expert in visual marketing solutions for the Internet and Mobile. It’s a day to network and be part of a business expo.

If you’d like more information, please go to the website, And seriously, Let’s Make Money!

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