The Power of the Mind

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the power of the mind to create opportunities lately.  As a LifeSuccess Consultant and Life coach, the majority of my work involves explaining how this power works, and then facilitating the application of this power in a certain way to obtain the results people want.  I find myself fascinated by the process.  It’s a creative process.  In fact, you could say it’s the process of creation itself.

Here we sit in a vast ocean of thought energy.  We’re not just surrounded by it, it permeates every cell of our being.  The philosophers tell us that everything begins with an idea.  Everything is the world started as an idea, from the creation to the acquisition of the things that surround us, the environment and the situations in which we find ourselves. I heard a statistic that 80,000 thoughts pass across the screen of our minds per day.  Then one thought resonates with us, gets us excited and we start to play with it.

In the LifeSuccess programs, we work with this process of the mind to consciously obtain the results we want.  One of the key steps involved is to hold the idea we like continuously. to concentrate on it while we play with it and imagine what it would be like to have what we envision.  What would our lives be like?  What would change?  What do these results mean to us?  When you think about it enough, you take action and the actions product results.

The challenge in this process is that it may not happen overnight.  People give up when they should persist in the pursuit of their goal until the idea of it as they envision it becomes the dominant thought and all the pieces can come together.  For some people, this can happen almost overnight.  For others, it is slower.  Like getting our ranch.

I now live on a lovely ranch, however, it took my husband and I eighteen months to get here.  We had just lost our home to a landslide.  We had no idea how we would move forward.  What we did know was that we wanted to replace our home with a new one that supported our lifestyle.  We went shopping every week, even when we had no idea of where to get the money, given the circumstances.  We held the idea.  We got to know the area, had time to envision what the ideal ranch would offer us.  We held the idea, worked with all the pieces of the puzzle until they came together.  I became a believer.

You can do it.  You can create opportunity.  If you doubt that, then we should talk.  Those limiting paradigms can really get in your way.  We can change them.  We can open your eyes to the field of all possibilities and experience the awesome power of the mind.

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