No Excuses Allowed When Creating a Fused Glass Business

What’s one of the biggest excuses you give for not going after your dreams? Would it happen to be ‘I don’t have the time.’ Welcome to the world of excuses that stop most people from achieving their goals. Jim Rohn described these excuses as the thorns that choke us and become impenetrable. It’s drawn from the parable in Matthew 13. That parable has taken on so much more meaning now that I am involved in explaining the process of deliberate creation to people. No one sets out to fail when they start something new, but they do. The statistics sound amazing. 70% will start, but never finish a new business, a new course of study. Why? We don’t really know – and as Jim Rohn would put it, don’t take that course. Don’t sign up for it. We just don’t know.

So, when so few people are able to follow through on their goals even when they invest lots of time and money, it feels good to be able to highlight success stories. On Monday, April 2nd at 11:00am (Pacific), I will be speaking with Steven Lenchner, founder of Lenchner Glass. What is special about Steven is that he has founded a fused glass business while he has been working as a line producer in the entertainment industry. Believe me, as someone who also works in the industry, it’s a very time intensive endeavor. So I was fascinated to learn from Steven just how he found the time to first learn the craft of fused glass, spend hours to create a body of work which he now displays and offers for sale, and pass the craft on to others who might enjoy it. Steven markets his art to architects, designers, decorators, and individuals who would like custom art pieces.

It is possible to successfully pursue your passion. Tune in for the live feed at 11:00am on April 2nd on BlogTalkRadio or check out the archived programs at your leisure. It’s currently called Susan Sherayko Online.

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