Letting Go of Loved Ones

No matter how many times we face final moments in our relationships, it never seems to be any easier. Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to one of our dogs. A collie shepherd mix, Curley had been with us for 12 years. He had survived weeks with the veterinarian after a horrific hit and run accident on La Tuna Canyon as well as weeks of separation after the landslide.

Born with a wander lust, once we moved to the new ranch, he seemed happy to have a secure home and stayed close by once we resettled. At the old house, he had a special spot on the hillside from which he loved to look out over the canyon so it was no surprise when he found a similar spot to do the same thing here. Whenever we could not find him, Curley would ultimately be found sunning on the top of a staircase where he had a 360 degree panorama of the valley below.

Curley had a powerful will to live and the strength to go with it. That could seem foolhardy. He had grown up with coyotes in the neighborhood and with a large, open wildlife corridor for his playground, he took to chasing them away. Even the coyotes respected him, preferring to bark challenges rather than actually engage in battle.

Sadly, Curley became seriously ill quickly. As I prepared to lose him, I found myself contemplating the process of letting go. My thoughts were running to anticipated sorrow until I remembered to reverse my thinking in order to create afformations. Why would the solution be for the good of all concerned? I centered in the quiet space of the subconscious mind, allowing feelings of love and well being to wash over me. It became clear that hanging onto Curley was my own selfish desire rather than doing the right thing for him. And, when the time came, I said my goodbyes, surrounding Curley in love, now and for all time. I prayed that my loved ones who already dwell beyond time and space would welcome him home to the fields of quantum consciousness.

And before his gaze flickered away, we set one more date. If there is such a thing as the rainbow bridge, we have a standing appointment to meet there.

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