The Willingness to Re-Focus

Have you ever found yourself off course? It’s that crazy sensation of being overwhelmed, having too much to do, or being pulled and pushed away from the one thing you want to accomplish toward its polar opposite. Circumstances and events distract us continually.

 In the midst of all the turmoil around us, we have to be willing and able to re-focus. I believe Napoleon Hill called this ability self-discipline and he wrote that the only way to achieve the self- discipline necessary to achieve a goal was to have a strong desire, a purpose, a “one thing” we set out to accomplish.

 I’m interrupted and distracted all the time. When I step out of my office to walk through the production compound, I may be bombarded by questions and requests from every person who comes up to me.  It’s why they rarely see without my notebook. It’s a repository for all their desires.  It’s also a tangible reminder of what I had set out to accomplish when I started and a checklist of what needs to be done in any given day.

Still, even the day’s activities may pull me off course unless I take the time early each morning to focus on my primary goals. With the daily production schedule we keep, it would be easy to choose to sleep in an extra hour or so. However, that hour serves to reconnect me to my purpose. It is the time I take to meditate, to give thanks for what has been working in every area of my life, to ask for the one thing I could do this day that helps me feel the way I want to feel when I am living my purpose. It is the time to align with my subconscious and the quantum fields of possibility. It is my time to center in all that is and all that remains, consciousness.

From this place of restorative silence, I am able to lay aside the emotional angst around me. I can turn off the seemingly unending sources of negativity and clashes of opinions that come from the news, the computer headlines and the papers.  From this place of peace, I can observe the contrasts, observing where each voice comes from and where their vision would take them. I can ask for the resolution of conflict for the good of all concerned, releasing my personal opinions in order to make room for new possibilities and solutions.  From this point of center, I reach an awareness of what action I can take that day to move me toward my goals.  I can then state affirmations and afformations in an interplay of conscious statements with questions for the subconscious.

I am grateful for the awareness that everyone has a desire to create and the ability to do so. Contrasts and conflicts are part of the creative process as we become aware of where we are and where we want to be. As we observe the differences, we can ask for a solution that enables us to feel the way we want to feel when it is resolved. Why is a solution available now? Why do we become aware that we can be guided to a solution?

As long as I am willing to re-focus on my purpose, a daily plan emerges with at least one thing I can do today, within the context of all that I may need to do this day that helps me move toward my goal.  When I follow through on that action, my inner gyroscope senses I am on track and I feel good now, right where I am. 

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