Have You Written a Letter to Santa?

Santa Claus (by whatever name you know him) dominates our culture at this time of the year. It’s been that way for generations. Each year, children write their letters to the saintly man providing him with their wish list. Sometimes it is a rapid fire recitation of all the latest toys with the expectation that someone will fill the list for the holiday. On more poignant occasions, help is requested to solve serious problems and family situations.

How curious that as we send these lists into the ethers, we are establishing a cultural habit to ask for our dreams at the end of each year. We say the words: Ask and you will receive. On some energetic level, we are putting out a request to our subconscious mind to fulfill. But are we training our young charges in the most effective way to ask?

As a student of Noah St. John, it strikes me that our letters to Santa are a wonderful place to learn the power of afformations. Noah defines them as positive why questions. When used on a regular basis, they yield results. The technique made a difference for me and I am an enthusiastic supporter.

So what if we each wrote a letter to Santa using afformations? What would you ask? “Why am I so happy in 2014? Why am I so blessed? Why do I have a meaningful work? Why am I so well compensated for the work I do? Why am I enjoying my family so much? Why do rifts between family members heal? Why do we have so much fun together?” The potential questions are endless.

Take a few minutes to check out Noah St. John and his Book of Afformations and try an experiment. Craft your own afformations and write a letter to Santa. You never know what will happen when you ask him for your dreams.

To Your Success,


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