Preparing for the Media

This has been a hectic week. As we anticipate a few days off around the holidays, staff, talent and crew have made the value of planning and communication abundantly clear. As I wrapped my head around their needs, it occurred to me that shadowing members of the team could be of value – especially to me. After all, as soon as Rainbows Over Ruins is available, I will be asked to stand up in front of other people, and hopefully appear in media, to share my experience of the creative process.

Could I ask for a better place to work – where I get to observe what is involved? I get to see guests during the rehearsal process and on the air. Perhaps the producers will let me listen to the pre-interview process or even put me through the questioning.

What does a guest on an interview show need to know and prepare before they arrive on set? Here I am in this environment every day. It is an incredible opportunity to see how important the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “how” and “why” of a presentation can be and then prepare myself. As a guest, it would helpful to think through these details and build my conversations around my goals from an interview. Producers may not have the time to think through each segment so the more I can bring to the table the better.

There are also things we can do when we appear on a show that could really make a difference in how we are received and perceived. For instance, someone in our talent department made me aware of two helpful hints today – be mindful of how you use your hands on camera, and do not look up in the air when you are asked a question. It diminishes your presence on camera. Those are physical habits that can be trained away if we work with someone who catches us when we do the wrong thing, much the way that a media trainer works.

I am grateful for the awareness that my current environment holds so much value. Why is this going to be so much fun?

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