Why Am I So Happy?

   Could it have something to do with the approval copy of my physical book Rainbows Over Ruins that arrived on Friday? Or that it’s possible to let over 500 people hear the news with just one post on Facebook? Or that Peter posted on his page as well? And that people have already started to request a copy and others are asking what it’s about?

                Publishing Rainbows Over Ruins has been happening in stages. First, there was the manuscript to create, followed immediately by developmental editorial revisions. Once those were completed, there were layout questions, back and forth between me and the Balboa Press staff before they could send me the galleys. Galleys are what the book will look like in its physical printing. Only after the galleys are approved can a physical copy of the book be created. Once I send my approval on that copy, the book will go live as an e-book and the books will be printed.

                That’s it. With the flick of a wrist, I attain the status of published author. Already, the staff has been preparing me for the next stage of publishing – its distribution and marketing. There are so many new tasks to do here. There are lists from people who coach writers, suggestions from the publisher itself, and guerrilla techniques to save money on what can quickly add up to a serious investment. I wonder if other authors are as naïve as I feel I have been, holding off many of the decisions and strategic planning for this phase until the book is on the bookshelf.

                It’s not that I’ve been sitting around eating bonbons while the notes went back and forth. My author website needs to be finalized. As my virtual office, it is exactly like setting up a real office with a display room where people can meet you and see what you have to offer that is of value to them. There are colors and templates to choose to give it the right design component. Additionally, it needs to function as a point of sale location so that people can transact business there. Too many times people forget that part of the web design and never make any money from their websites. The most creative part for me will be to create content that adds some fun to the mix – like edutainment.

                Looking ahead, Balboa Press has me surrounded by a team to help me share the message of Rainbows Over Ruins. My book consultant is talking about book orders and an initial launch – a party which can be real or virtual. My marketing consultant is making sure that information gets to those who will create the campaign. E-zines and other publications are contacting me to place ads with them. And I am prioritizing all these requests so that I can efficiently allocate my spare time and enjoy doing all this.

                That really is the point for me – to enjoy the creative process, lighten up and appreciate all the wonderful things that are happening in my life right now, as well as down the road a bit. It would be easy to get buried in the details or worry about whether this project will be successful (however that is defined). But I am not going to do that. I am going to enjoy the sweet feeling of accomplishment, the tingle of pride, and the joyful anticipation of the next part of this creation. I hope you can keep those feelings toward whatever you are creating today.

                To your success,


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