The Dynamics of My Vision Board

Sometimes as I look across the room at my vision board wall, it appears to be so dynamic that it has a profound impact. With each accomplishment, it needs to be adjusted and rearranged to reflect the changes that have occurred. That change then has a ripple down effect on the rest of the board, bringing some aspects into higher prominence and moving others off to the side.

With Rainbows Over Ruins just published and its promotion in process, there is a sense of completion on one hand. Rapid movement has been made around the milestone map since the final manuscript was approved and we moved into distribution mode. The board itself reflects this with an empty space opening up at the end of the immediate promotional calendar.

My mentor was quick to ask me what was beyond publishing the book. He reminded me that writing a book is not generally about making money from those books. After taking into account the cost of production and sales, there is not a great deal left. So the question is why do it? Where does this or any book fit into the bigger picture, our vision for the future?

From the time I can remember, I have been drawn to help others recognize the life work that calls to them. Over the years, it has become clear that identifying what we want is only part of the story. Before we can pursue that life work, we have to get out of our own way. Noah St. John calls it “taking your foot off the brake.” Bob Proctor speaks about “popping paradigms,” the beliefs and thought habits we develop due to the outside conditioning we receive from the day we are born. If these habits have a negative effect on us, we will experience blocks before we succeed in achieving our goals.

Once you know what you want, one of the keys to getting positive results involves becoming aware of the blocks that stop you so you can discover how to get out of your own way. Only then are you are able to focus on your vision with the self-discipline to persist in taking effective action. Rainbows Over Ruins is my story of how I used the success principles – the creative thought process — to do this. I wanted it to be more than an intellectual presentation. I wanted to be able to say that I had seen it work myself.

What I learned on my journey is that these principles, centered on the art of thinking, can be learned by the conscious mind, however, something additional is required to eliminate the negative thought habits that become obstacles in the path of our success. The very things that block our success block our creativity.

Did it work when consciously undertaken? I say yes. You can see for yourself when you read Rainbows Over Ruins. You’ll find it’s an example of the creative principles at work. As you see what makes up the creative thought process, you can let it guide you as you define the essence of your dreams and set out to achieve them. You can begin to apply the process for yourself.

Throughout the writing process, my goal has been to raise your awareness of the power of the mind, offer techniques that enable you to use it, and provide guidance to help you get out of your own way to get the results you desire and improve the quality of your life.

Now with book in hand, my vision board reminds me that only this portion of the journey is complete. After all, there is that open space. I am not quite sure what will fill it yet. Outer questions arise. Has anything shifted in my longer vision? Where is the best place to provide others access to these ideas? What are the best venues? Yet the most important questions are the afformations I ask. Why do I have the required resources to provide access to these concepts? Why is this of value to others? Why is this of service?

I use the quiet morning to reflect, filling my journal with questions and feeling the way I want to feel when I live my heart’s desire. Long term, there are many variables at work. The next presented tasks are clearer. The vision provides focus for the immediate acts ahead – a mix of production activities and letting people know about the book.

The vision board is adjusted. Now it flows. It has the appearance of a cornucopia from which a bounty of activities pour that yield desired results. Why am I so blessed? Why am I so happy?

May you enjoy the dynamic energy of your vision today.

To Your Success,

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