You’ve Created Something, Now What?

Bob Proctor’s suggestion is clear. If you wish to cut through the noise of multimedia to demonstrate your value to others, write a book. It can lend an air of expertise and credibility to your words. What one realizes over time is that becoming an author in today’s multi-media world opens up an entirely new array of activities in which you give the readers something more. Writing the book is only the first step in the publishing process.
When I started to write Rainbows Over Ruins, I already knew my purpose: I wanted to share a thought process that would help readers achieve their creative endeavors. The entire book is structured to help mentor them – even to the extent that they may also download a workbook.

If you want to produce a movie, television show, documentary, or web series (to name a few other venues), these formats are only the first step as well. There are multiple production elements to complete before anyone holds a finished product that others can view. I researched the suggested ways that authors use to write their content, as well as following the step-by-step instructions of the publisher to move through the book production phase. These plans were necessary to ensure that all the required components came together in the appropriate order to yield the product.

Now what? Why did you write or paint or start a fashion line? Where do you want to go with this? How many chains of plans need to come together to achieve your greater vision? When they are strung together, they form what I call a milestone map that helps you anticipate the move from early stages in your creation process to what you anticipate will develop.

Central to my purpose – and I believe this is true of anyone who creates something – is the desire to share the creation. That is the next stepping stone on my milestone map. So how do we do that? It can be a bit overwhelming, now that we have so many ways to get the news out that we’ve accomplished our goal and are making it available to an audience.
First on my list was the creation of an online office – a website where people can get to know me and my products and services, then place an order. The book is a product, but it is not the only product to be offered. My office is intended to have connections that make fulfillment possible quickly and easily. My skills in this area are not well developed so I utilize the services of a website builder. I recommend you find someone with whom you work easily.

You may think you want to delay building your website (or even creating your product) at first. Why? Because you want to know your audience and identify the needs you serve early in the creation process. However, if we wait to have all our ducks in a row before we move forward toward a dream, it may not get done. If you feel motivated and capable, better to be what Noah St. John calls an “imperfect action taker.” If you plunge ahead, do not worry. You will go back and look at your audience regularly as you evaluate your progress.

So how do you find your audience and promote your creations in order to share them? As you move through the production phase of your creation, you will start to become aware of resources that are available to help you. The Internet is full of them. If you are unsure about what you could do, go check your competition online. Their public presence will yield a wealth of possibilities, all designed to help them engage and provide better service to their clients so that they keep coming back. There may be multiple products, including items that build a relationship between customer and company like mugs and clothing, games and calendars. They may extend their reach beyond the actual reach of their anticipated venue (such as a television broadcast) to include classes and workshops, in person or online. Who is partnering or sponsoring them?

Additionally, social media has proven to be a powerful tool when used properly. It’s become a fulltime position to determine the best venues for content we put on the show. We ask whether it is better for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or someone’s blog and then schedule the appropriate time to create additional content to enhance our audience experience.

These are all part of the attraction process that gets people to check out our work. And if you haven’t already realized it, this blog is part of that process too. I plan to talk more about blogging in particular as part of my promotional campaign is to enhance this blog. I’ll keep you posted. Let’s find out if you notice any difference.

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