Reports from the Field

It’s an interesting experience – receiving feedback on your first book and interacting with those first individuals. I certainly have a vision of what I would like people to gain from the reading. Still, it feels a little different in reality.

The first surprise is that people now want to talk to me about it. They are surprised by my openness. They are inspired. They begin to look at their own lives differently. They begin to focus on their future plans. They begin to look at what they are thinking and whether their thoughts are moving toward their goals or away from them. And because I have shared my life with them, they begin to share theirs with me.

Peter has been incredibly supportive. He encourages his friends who may be going through tough times to read the book. Last Sunday, one of them dropped by for a 3 hour visit. He’s been having very challenging health issues – sudden and life threatening problems with his heart that became more complicated because of blood clots. Peter handed him a copy of Rainbows Over Ruins to read while he recuperated when he got out of the hospital and for several weeks he’s been telling me how much he’s enjoying it. In fact, he enjoyed it enough to leave a review on Amazon.

But Sunday, when he came to the house, he wanted to share. He was not complaining about his health. He was focused on his future goals – on the nicer person he is becoming – on the ability we all have to change our thoughts and flip our thinking so that it supports our dreams. Funny, it’s startling to hear someone who “gets it.” It’s what I want, of course, but pleasantly surprising nonetheless.

Another one of Peter’s friends has faced health challenges requiring a transplant. After facing the possibility of death continually for years, he is facing emotional changes now that he has the chance to live. Rainbows Over Ruins opens up the thought of possibilities for him.

I may understand his reaction. I know that when we got through the landslide, I had the sensation of urgency surrounding the pursuit of what I wanted in life. “If not now, when?” echoed in my mind and became the impetus for all that I have done now. I heard similar comments from a producing colleague after her return to a more normal life after surviving breast cancer. In each case, they need to turn their inspired visions, energized by the new positive feelings surrounding survival, into a realistic plan to pursue their dreams, now that they can. The book is a tool to raise their awareness, however, I would encourage them to work with a coach or counselor to help channel all their new found enthusiasm.

While reading Rainbows Over Ruins, a co-worker realized that she and her husband have never discussed what they wanted in their retirement years. Inevitable as it is (and just around the corner), they had never taken the time to dream and plan for the future. They are so busy with their current work that planning for the next stage in their lives has been overlooked. Now they want to spend some dream time together.

I enjoy hearing their responses to the book. It makes me happy to know that my labor of love is reaching others in such a powerful way. And it reminds me that my work only begins when I raise their awareness of what is possible. They will want to develop the mental muscles that provide support for their desires. It’s a daily workout, a daily prescription for success in their future endeavors. We all benefit by starting the workout routine that helps us achieve our dreams.

It’s my birthday. A few of these friends will join me to celebrate my successes as well as their own. You could be doing the same thing.

So what do I say? Start now! Start right where you are! You have everything you need to begin – using the power of your mind.

To Your Success,


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