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Helena Kalivoda
Helena Kalivoda

While circling the globe on my blog tour, I’ve had the opportunity to meet several wonderful people, including author Helena Kalivoda.  Although she has now written eight books, received gold and bronze awards for her book ILLUMINATION and been a two-time finalist for AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling and CREATION, becoming a writer and an author was not something she planned to do.  Helena grew up in Czechoslovakia where she studied economics and computer science.  Then, after several life challenges, she began to write in the early nineties.  Helena now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she has written a series of books.

Helena and I met through a writer’s group.  Helena is devoted to sharing inspirational messages that support readers in transforming their lives. Her books are based on the universal laws and principles she has been receiving from Spirit for over fifteen years.

I’ve enjoyed learning about her writing process and was delighted when she was willing to share a bit about it here in this interview:

Susan:  Helena, you published your first book in 2009.  What got you started as an author?

Helena: After several years of writing for my own growth and learning, I have collected a lot of material that transformed me. The day I realized that there were others asking the same questions and looking for answers to their questions was the beginning of my publishing journey.

Susan: Can you describe your journey from a first time writer to where you are now?

Helena: I started writing because I was determined to connect with my spirit self, and felt that writing was a way to accomplish it. Every night, after work, I closed the door of our den at home and waited for something to happen, with a pen in my hand and a paper on the desk. It took a considerable time for the messages to start. It took even more time to trust what I wrote. In the early 2000’s I became quite ill. In my despair, questioning all I believed so far, I received spiritual teachings and principles to live by. When I say spiritual, I do not refer to religious beliefs. After I recovered, I organized the received material into what has become my first book, AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling. Later, I went through a period of figuring out how to begin publishing my work. Now I have a publishing formula that I have been using for all my books.

Susan:  Your website mentions spirit guides and the Language of Light.  Would you say that you have been guided to write through your spirit guides and experience with what is called the Language of Light?

Helena: Absolutely. Ask and you will be given – I asked for a direct connection to my Spirit Self and received it. The Language of Light came through in what became my first book. At that time I was more interested in the principles to live by that came through.

Susan: For those who may not be familiar with that term, can you give us a brief explanation and how you experience it?

Helena: The Language of Light is a vibrational transmission from the spiritual realms. It came through as the syllables and words that I typed phonetically. In my AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling, the Language of Light is interspersed throughout the English text. In the introduction to the book, it says: “The book contains quotes written in the Language of Light, which is spoken in the angelic realms. This language, of which there are many dialects, is based on light frequencies and has been converted using letters of your alphabet in order to suit your 3‐D environment. The Language of Light brings vibrational frequencies that are soothing and healing. We used it to supplement Helena’s medication to help her to gain strength and to be able to receive our transmission.”

Susan: Have you always had this ability or did it arrive later in life?

Helena: No. In fact, the original me was very unimpressed by people claiming that there was more to us than what we see and hear or that they received messages from beyond this reality. However, at that time I only believed in our physical reality and life in general felt impoverished and pointless at times. The life challenges I faced later on in my life, prodded me on my way to awakening. Once I changed my beliefs, I opened myself to receiving teachings from my spirit.

Susan: In what way does it impact your writing?

Helena: What I hear are the spiritual messages and philosophy from what I call a voiceless voice. When I sit down to write, I feel that the energies that come through are very purposeful. It’s like being at school. I listen and type what I hear. I have not ever been disappointed, rather surprised and delighted. At this period in my writing, my use of the Language of Light is dormant but I believe that it can be available to me if I would ask and open myself to it again.

Susan: What was the biggest problem you encountered?

Helena: At the beginning, it was my own trust in what I was doing. The breakthrough came when I wrote nearly 450 poems on spiritual philosophy within several months. It was as it ‘they’ decided to convince me that it was ‘someone’ from beyond this physical dimension sending the material to me. See, it was impossible for me to write in verses, particularly such a large number of poems. I did not read or seek out poetry, and to write verses of my own would yield rather unwieldy material. These poems now comprise my latest published works, the Purposeful Mind series of five books:  Creation,Illumination,Contemplation,Evolutionand Metamorphosis.

Susan: Do you have any suggestions for writers who feel similarly connected and are still reticent to express their gifts?

Helena: It is a unique process for everyone. Whether it is a genuine seeking or a genuine gift, it eventually will come to fruition. The important thing is to know that one is always at the right place and time. The universe is very cooperative and supporting, and we cannot do anything ahead of our time. When we are ready, it all bursts through and the right circumstances will support our evolution. Trust and persevere, believe in yourself.

Susan: What is the most powerful technique that you encountered on your journey?

Helena: The clue is to vacate oneself from the process so that what is coming through is not hampered by one’s thoughts or judgments. What was most important for me was to get out of my own way. Now, I simply sit down to write and trust. I do not know how I vacate my personal ego investing itself in the material, it just happens. All I know is that I type without thinking about what I type, without judging it. While I write, I am unaware of the details, yet I have a general idea about the topic.

Susan: Did you find it difficult to allow yourself to write?

Helena: Not at all, I yearn to write, as for me it is a way of connecting with my larger Self. At the beginning I kept quiet about my writing. I did not share it with my family or my friends for several years. I first needed to be confident and trusting in what I did. I did not want any interference or judgment about how I wrote.

Susan: Do you have a process or ritual that creates the energetic mood that allows inspiration to flow?

Helena: I have been meditating for many years and believe it had been instrumental in my being able to connect with the other side. The most important is to write every day, because if not, our skills get rusty. Regarding rituals, at the beginning of my writing, I was asked by my spirit to protect myself from unwanted connections. So every time, before I started to write, I recited a short saying to feel grounded and safe. Also, when at the beginning I did encounter not so nice energetic entities I learned to calmly say: thank you, I am not interested in what you have to say, please depart. To my initial surprise that cleared it. We do have a free will and when we state what we want, they hear and obey. Now I feel safe, and I just sit down and the writing begins.

Susan: Do you have a sense of where your writing is taking you – or us as the audience?

Helena: The material in my books supports our spiritual awakening for increased peace and living with passion from our hearts. The intent of my writing is to bring through the principles and tenets to live by, so we will lead an aware and purposeful life, ultimately living in a higher evolutionary state than in our previous incarnations.

Susan: Who is your audience?   Who do your books appeal to and why?

Helena: My books are for seekers searching beyond the material aspects of their lives. They are for those who are ready to explore their spiritual nature, also for those who are already aware of their spiritual origins.

Susan: How did you come to recognize them?

Helena: Through my own journey of seeking who I am. When the thought of living as just a physical person who would live only to die became something that stopped making sense to me, I started searching and began asking questions. People like me, the seekers, are the people that are interested in my books.

Susan: What in your writing is relevant to your audience?

Helena: I am learning all the time. I believe that those who read my books, receive similar aha-moments and transformation.

Susan: What does this mean to us?

Helena: We are on an evolutionary path that leads the human race to a higher consciousness. Through reaching a critical mass we revert from where we are seemingly heading (towards exploitation, greed, and war) to become one for all and all for one; we become one evolved race.

Susan: Why did you write your latest books?

Helena: I wrote it because it was dictated to me. I feel more a scribe than a writer. My latest published work, my Purposeful Mind series, is the material I received in verse form. I believe it was because I was at a stage when I was not quite sure about the entire process and it was the spirit’s way of letting me know that I was connected, and could trust the entire process. See, I do not seek out poetry or normally write poetry and if I would try, I could not do it justice. But when I read my verses they feel so right, the meaning and the teachings come through in such a clear way. It is a wonderful material that awakens us to the fact that our physical existence is not our main existence. There is much more of us in the spirit world than here, in the physical world.

Susan: Is there any “back story” that inspired you to write this book?

Helena: My inspiration stemmed from my effort to become well after I became ill. I asked for a resolution and at the same time was coming from a false belief that I was a victim of circumstances, rather than a creator of them. I feel it is the Spirit who has an agenda (in a good sense, of course). It is not I who drives the process or chooses the subject. I am allowing for the material to come through.

Susan: How do you want the audience to feel after your interview?

Helena: I want them to believe that they are powerful and therefore, all is possible. When we think otherwise, the unlimited possibilities available to us shrink to a small, limited number. Also, to know that if I can connect, they too can. They too can ask and receive their answers, and experience their dormant powers and talents coming alive.

Susan: What one thing do you want readers to learn/take away from this work?

Helena: To know that we all are the creator of our own woes and pleasures, of all our situations and events that only seemingly visit us in our lives. My hope is that my books assist the readers in their growth to become beings of integrity, taking responsibility for their actions, consciously choosing to live a life of happiness and joy, and knowing that it is from their hearts from where their true wisdom flows.

Susan: Tell me how this book is unlike others with similar topics.  What sets it apart from the crowd?

Helena: My books use simple, understandable words, yet impart powerful messages. They address the reader directly.

Susan: What was the most challenging part about writing your books?

Helena: I do not usually receive the material in the ready-to-be-presented order. So the most challenging part is to organize it all into a flowing material, and to shape the book-to-be into its chapters and sections.

Susan: The most fun/rewarding?

Helena: My own aha-moments and awakening. Having a sense of awe, and readers experiencing the same and thanking me for writing the books.

Susan: Thank you, Helena, for your willingness to share your very intimate writing process.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Helena Kalivoda as much as I have.  For more information about her, visit her, and follow her blog:  Her books are available at: Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Chapters/Indigo.

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