Sprinkling a Bit of Holiday Spirit

In the mood for a family friendly, feel good holiday movie? May I suggest Hallmark Channel’s NorthPole premiering at 8/7C on Saturday night, November 15th.. I attended the screening for Hallmark Channel’s latest holiday original and had a grand time.

Bailee Madison and Max Charles star. They set out to save the town of NorthPole when a lack of holiday spirit threatens. The film is a feel good example of how a few people working together can make a big difference in the world.

I’m not sure if you are in the throes of preparing for the holidays, but we’re smack dab in the middle of it at Home and Family. All the scary decorations in Dave Lowe’s Halloween masterpiece are down and we are preparing for our big primetime Holiday Special, scheduled for the evening of November 24th.

Before then and throughout December, cast and crew are lining up the music, movement, crafts, food and stories that will bring the magic of the holidays to life. Dave has drawn another beautiful sketch of how the house will look when all the lights are up and other holiday elements come together. What I enjoy the most is the creative thought process involved in pulling this all together. It draws upon the ideas and feelings of so many people as they remember their own holiday experiences.

I’m still thinking about what I want to do at home to evoke memories of the holidays in my hometown: football and fall colors for Thanksgiving, the annual Christmas parade, complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and holiday concerts galore. The season culminated as we went to Christmas services, hung stockings by the fireplace, decorated the tree and set out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, wishing we could stay up to see his arrival. Of course, we never did. Instead, at first light of day, I would creep into my parents’ room to ask them to get up. One of them would go first and then let us know when it was okay to go time to go downstairs as well. I always remember how beautiful the tree was with the colored lights lit. There was something so magical about it all.

Even when I was a mother myself, my father led the annual discussion about Santa Claus. He never allowed me to stop believing — for Dad felt the very spirit of Christmas was embodied in the love and open generosity Santa brought to each family year in and year out.

It did not matter how much was spent. We could make them ourselves or save our pennies for an ideal gift. Even if we were short on funds, we could offer a handwritten note with a promise to make breakfast or provide a service. The important thing was that we thought to give a gift to someone else.

Just as the March girls of Little Women would bring baskets of food to neighbors, we would participate in making up the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for those less fortunate. Love radiated throughout the community as random acts of kindness were given to others. And Joy! As we sang together, worked together for a common goal, and appreciated our blessings. I feel better just thinking about the ways we can show our mutual appreciation for our loved ones, friends, colleagues and communities. That’s the message of Northpole and one I hope we can embrace this season and sprinkle a bit of the holiday spirit to all.

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