Celebrating Darkness and The Light

Happy Winter Solstice! We are celebrating the shortest night of the year with festivals of Light. Ever notice how much we crave Light. It brings us hope and security. But have we overdone our dependence on light?

I happened to catch Clark Strand’s opt-ed in the New York Times that suggests we have forgotten what darkness is for. He suggests it was once the “hour of God.” If Wayne Dyer is right, it is also the time to connect to Divine inspiration, and the whisperings of the creative muses.

Like many others, there have been times when I would awaken at 3:00am, tossing and turning for hours before dawn freed me from the pressure to stay in bed and sleep. After all, how could I possibly meet all the demands on my life without enough sleep? I tried herbal remedies and listened to audio tapes, all in the hope that this problem would go away.

Ultimately, I discovered that Dyer is right. He suggests that when the Strand’s “hour of the wolf” comes upon you – do not go back to sleep. The morning breeze has messages for you. Sit up. Put your feet on the floor and grab your pad and pencil.

Without the distractions found in the daylight, there is a closeness to God…a sense of the oneness that surrounds us all, and of which we are a part. There is power in this unity. We gain the ability to do all things through this power – the power of All that is, All that has been, will ever be, and that which remains. Quantum physicists write about the something that remains when all else has been removed. They sometimes call it God. To some extent, when we sit in the darkness, all else is removed and we get the opportunity to connect with what remains. It brings a sense of peace and comfort.

With only a few spins along our orbit, we will shift away from this time of introspection and get back into the swing of our daily activities. If we have been preparing throughout December, perhaps we will bring more clarity, a greater sense of purpose and the first inklings of a plan to achieve our purpose, vision and goals for the coming year.

I have truly been blessed this month with the presence of special guests on Home and Family, including Nick Vujicic and Dr. Deepak Chopra who have each reminded me of my connection to the one consciousness, Quantum Consciousness. They bring to mind the work of John Assaraf and Asmit Goswami who also speak of this oneness with consciousness and love. Perhaps Dr. Chopra’s timing is perfect as he brings our awareness to his new book, The Future of God, at this particular season. I enjoyed what he shared with all of us and may pick up a copy to read more about his thoughts myself.

And this morning, I realized that Marcia Wieder is hosting a FREE email course on the 10 step process to your dreams. Although it is a bit early, it makes me think that we are getting a different gift for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Have you written those resolutions down yet? Have you picked one that is most important for the coming year? Next week, it will be time to organize your thoughts around that primary dream and begin the makings of a Plan or Milestone Map to kick off after New Year’s.

May you continue to be mindful of your dreams and enjoy this holiday season.

To Your Success,


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