Dinner is “et” and the dishes are done

Funny how once the holiday dinner is completed, we have so little on our calendar that remains to be done.  So it’s been a great opportunity to take my own suggestion and ponder my intentions for the coming year.  I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time.

I’m extremely grateful for all the positive things that happened this year and my long term goals are well spelled out. The questions for me as I reach this point come from Mark Waldman and John Assaraf at Praxis Now. Here is the big one — if I want to keep working toward my “big” long term goal, what do I want to accomplish this year? That’s followed immediately by — In order to accomplish that, what do I need to do this month? It’s a form of reverse engineering, forcing you to think in ever smaller bits of a project until you reach something you can do today.

On a day like this, there isn’t a great deal I’d like to do, but I have a few small projects that are lingering. They may not seem very important, but they drag down my creative energies by ignoring them. So this is my hour to focus on just what I can do right now. They are all interrelated.

One of my goals has been to create a new website based on my book. It’s taken quite some time to get it ready for prime time – and this week it went live! Appropriate applause and fireworks are appreciated. If you’d like to give it a test drive, go to www.rainbowsoverruins.com and please let me know if all the bugs aren’t out of the system yet. It’s amazing how many bells and whistles can go into a functioning website.

Next, with the site ready, the URL needed to be added to my author page on Amazon. So just before starting to write this post, that task was checked off my To Do list.

Last but not least, it’s time to test out the new WordPress plugin that allows me to post directly from the new website. It won’t be clear how it is working until this post is completed and posted. The unknown of it all is what makes me nervous about using new technologies. Will all the features previously set up remain or will they be lost in the transition? Will blog posts get lost? Will I still be able to post from WordPress directly? It reminds me of years past when we were all afraid we would blow up the computer if we hit the wrong key.

We’ll know soon enough. If all is successful, three chores will be checked as accomplished, making room for me to focus on larger goals for the coming year. That’s the way of it. In the long run, we achieve success one step at a time, one day at a time.

May your intentions around your goals make their way to paper – along with your why – so that you can hit the ground running as the new year begins.

To your success,


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