I’m Flying

Look at me, way up high…., here am I, I’m flying!

This spontaneous, enthusiastic Peter Pan outburst is the result of completing my first podcast. It took a bit of work to get the intro and outro outsourced, the podcast written and recorded and then stitched together on a hosting platform. Not being an editor (video or audio), it was a bit challenging to feel my way through the steps even with a written guide before me. However, I did it!!!

Then, I took my next step in the challenge to post the finished podcast on the distribution channel. It was much easier. And after a few days that felt extremely long – well, I guess they were, I stayed in the office until 8:00pm a couple nights to get this done – I posted the podcast into our 30-Day Challenge Facebook group. It felt so good to receive the loving, supportive comments from group members.

As I made that post, I had this curious sense of flying! It was as if I had been taxiing around the runway for some time and then, in the blink of an eye, I’m airborne. I am now “Successfully Mid-Air” – with a nod to Sandra Daly. That is the title of her latest book. It is the experience of being in the gap. Where you have been is behind you and you are moving toward where you want to be, but your feet don’t touch the ground. I have to ask myself, do I have my coordinates? Do I know where I’m going? Do I have the journey in mind? Who is flying with me? What am I feeling as I anticipate all of this?

Free. On track. On purpose. Bridging the gap and it is going to be fun to travel. This feels so good. This feels exactly like what I could do forever! It is exhilarating and liberating to get off the runway, lifting off to experience my dreams in process. Whatever happens, wherever this takes me, I can do this. I am so grateful for where I am right now.

I’m looking forward to sharing the first episode with everyone, but the Challenge is teaching us more than just how to make a podcast. It is also talking about how to market and promote, line up guests and monetize podcasts. The recommendation is to wait until we have three full podcasts before submitting to iTunes and Stitcher, the two major podcast sources.

I’ve already lined up the next two guests – Noah St. John (author, Afformations) and Sandra Daly (author, Pop Your Paradigms and Successfully Mid-Air). My sense of anticipation is high. We’ve been exchanging thoughts for content and I’ve been doing my due diligence to read their materials to draw upon for the conversations. This is fun!

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, unsure if you want to do a podcast, I suggest that you take this challenge for yourself. I’m experiencing such a sense of accomplishment workgi through it step by step. It’s the 30-Day Podcast Challenge – http://goo.gl/CD3jfA.

I’m off now to celebrate. It’s Valentine’s Day and Peter and I are going off on an adventure. I hope you are feeling safe to fly today.

To Your Success,


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