Get Ready to Meet Sandra Daly

Hi!  Within days, my podcast series “Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity” premieres and I will get to introduce you to Sandra Daly. I mention her briefly in my book, but this conversation is an opportunity to spend an extended time with her.

 I first became aware of Sandra when I was studying with Bob Proctor. She had just published her second book, “Pop Your Paradigms,” and there was a great deal of celebration at LifeSuccess. Mary Manin Morrissey, one of Bob’s close colleagues, had been an integral part of the story that helped Sandra put 9 months into the personal inner work that gave her the courage to remove herself from a violent family situation. As Sandra wrote about that experience, I was amazed at how vividly she had captured the way we listen to positive and negative voices in our heads.

Over time, she came to embody the word “escape, rescue and recovery” (one of my chapter titles in Rainbows Over Ruins). She climbed off a Greyhound bus with a backpack, a duffel bag and $80.00 in her pocket. She had no job and no job prospects. She didn’t know a soul in Arizona and was homeless for a bit. Yet Sandra moved on in her life. Within 21 days of arriving in Phoenix, Arizona, Sandra had found a place to live, a job and met the man who has since become her husband. Becoming a minister, at first, she had a prison ministry and wrote a pocket sized book for them called Choose Your Universe.

Within the past year, Sandra published her 3rd book, Successfully MidAir, and shares the tools she used to make this incredible change in her life. She contacted me after reading one of my articles last summer, and she was one of the first people I called when I began looking for guests to appear on my podcast. After all, we have both made that journey to rebuild after crisis and share a common thread of understanding. And we are both midair.

Like others who use positive self-talk for the solutions they seek, Sandra uses positive questions and has developed a finely tuned sense of a Voice Within. She listens and will stop pushing forward if her Guidance indicates she is pushing in the wrong direction. Call it a God-thing, a God wink, a God shot if you will. Many of us may say those words, but Sandra is someone who lives them.

Therefore, as one of my firsts guest on the podcast series, please get ready to meet Sandra Daly. The series will be available on iTunes and Stitcher. I’ll provide the details as soon as I have the URL. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Sandra Daly and her work right now, check out her website where her books are available:

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