It’s official! My podcast series is live – and the first 3 episodes are available. AND I have a One Sheet to start promoting it. That’s the document that tells people about the show, especially publicists and potential guests. Our Home and Family publicist read it for me and gave it his blessing – thank you, Alfred – so I’d like to share it here first, for you.

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“REBUILDING YOUR LIFE: MOVING FROM DISASTER TO PROSPERITY” with Susan Sherayko is a podcast where we help you transform your life by changing what you’re telling yourself. We engage in discussion with those who have experienced a disaster, as well as those who help us come through the experience. We look at what they did to heal, rebuild, and where they are now.

REBUILDING YOUR LIFE… will share stories with you, bring in experts in contemporary brain research and various kinds of positive self-talk, and provide action steps that can help you discover the truth of this information over the course of this series.

Natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake and landslides; financial disasters where we lose everything; lost relationships; bad marriages and business failures — What they all seem to have in common is that disasters come suddenly, unexpectedly and beyond your control. The effect is devastating, affecting every aspect of your life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In a flash, you lose all that you have created – or accumulated – around you. Your sense of security vanishes and for a period of time you are in shock, only to experience fear and a sense of powerlessness when the shock wears off.

However, we have the ability to overcome the negative situations and feelings of despair, fear and doubt that accompany disasters. This is where you find out how. Whatever the circumstances, – whether you feel powerless over your finances, health, bad habits, physical destruction, or relationships – you do have the power to turn your thoughts in a positive direction and rebuild your life.

REBUILDING YOUR LIFE…is hosted by two time Emmy nominated producer and author Susan Sherayko. She knows the subject intimately – inside and out. She’s been through this. Susan used these principles to get past the after effects of her disaster. A LifeSuccess consultant and Power Habits coach, her book Rainbows Over Ruins describes how she applied success principles, the creative thought process and positive self-talk in her own life to overcome the after effects of a landslide.

REBUILDING YOUR LIFE… That’s what this series is all about. Whatever your circumstances, you too can experience health, financial security and a sense of well-being once again. You can rebuild and move on to something even better. You can overcome the physical problems, fears and grieving, the mental challenges and negative thought habits that hold you prisoner.

Are you ready to move from disaster to prosperity? The time to start is now, right where you are. Tune in – and let’s start getting you back on your feet right now – not in the distant future.

Produced by Susan Sherayko, the REBUILDING YOUR LIFE: MOVING FROM DISASTER TO PROSPERITY podcast is available from  iTunes at: as well as Stitcher

Contact: Susan Sherayko, tel: 818-606-2688,

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been developing for the past couple months during the 30 Day Podcast Challenge. I’ve already introduced you to Noah St. John and Sandra Daly who are my first two guests.

I now invite you to tune in and listen to the first podcasts in the series, like it, follow it or subscribe to the RSS feed. I would greatly appreciate it if you would become one of the first ambassadors to get the word out about the series, especially if you know anyone who is going through challenging times.

May you and yours discover the miracle of positive self-talk as well.

To Your Success,


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