Why Do I Focus on the One Thing I Want?


The key to creative success is to focus on the one thing you want and place your attention on it for as long as it takes to attain. It is an inner and an outer process that occurs simultaneously in one’s thoughts, feelings and actions as we achieve a series of goals that are the next logical steps required to move forward in an orderly way.

Call it purpose, the one thing, or a reason for being. It is your primary objective.

Quantum physicists tell us that we live in a universe of consciousness, surrounded by infinite waves of possibility. For anything to manifest, we have to focus on one of these possibilities, whether it’s simple changes to the environment around us or as complex as a life’s work. The primary challenge is to focus on one thing long enough to bring it into being without trying to control the results. We go through the process continuously as we move step by step toward our goals. Physicist Amit Goswami calls this quantum creativity.

Everything begins as a thought associated with a desire, question or contrast. Concentrating on the idea, we activate the possibility of creating what we think and feel in our own experience. If no immediate answer is forthcoming, we turn it over to the subconscious or non-conscious mind for “unconscious processing.”

Some people sit for ideas in a meditative state. Others stop working and go for a walk. Any activity is possible. The idea is to let go of conscious effort until an insight “collapses” into the conscious mind. Their “aha” insight helps them move back into action, solution in hand. Sound simple? It is.

So, if the process is so simple, why isn’t everybody doing it? To use a sporting analogy, they take their eye off the ball. They get distracted. They pay more attention to how to swing the club rather than looking at where they want the ball to go.

If you are focused on the obstacles blocking the way to what you want, you are no longer concentrating on the outcome you desire. You are focusing on the exact opposite. Your subconscious mind simply accepts and reacts to what it is given. Give it the wrong thought and you get the wrong result. That’s why Dr. Joseph Murphy (author, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind) made the point that “your job is with your conscious mind.” Not only do we want to make sure the right thoughts are given to the subconscious mind; we also want to train the conscious mind to stay focused on the desired results.

Your focus on your one most important thing is the only source of power that can give you the self-discipline to persist toward your goal long enough to make it real. To get the results you want, you need to find the paradigms – or thought habits –that are holding you back. It’s becoming what you want in the here and now which all has to do with the law of attraction. You’ve probably already heard that we attract what we think about. But it’s more than just what we think about. It’s what we emotionally resonate with. Therefore, the emotional responses coming from subconscious paradigms can have a stronger vibration that attracts more of what we don’t want to us.

Are you willing to let go of what you think you know in order to see if it will make a difference?

Are you willing to ask for help?

Do you need to clarify your vision or lay out an action plan? Do you want someone to help you maintain your focus and hold you accountable? Are you searching for someone to help you find a missing piece to the puzzle? Do you want to know how to use the tools that will help you monitor your thoughts and manage your emotions? Do you want to know how to collaborate with your subconscious?

This material can help you do all of these things. I know it works. I have seen my own life shift rapidly. I have seen good friends begin these studies as skeptics and today they are on the way to completely turning their lives around. What could it mean to you? Everything.

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