Why Do I Take Action Toward My Dreams Every Day?


If you are willing to spend a few minutes daily doing a few simple things, you will discover that you can flip your thinking, see what you want unfold and enjoy the best life you can imagine with less time, money and effort.

Ultimately, the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to live the creative principles. That involves embracing a daily routine that includes the outer and inner steps that make your dreams possible. This is your personal routine that is emotionally charged and inspired enough to launch the start of your day and carry you through daily activities and distractions to keep moving toward your goals.

What are the simple steps you can take on a daily basis that make such a huge difference in getting successful results?

For these steps to yield the results you desire, it is important to repeat them daily until new habits are energized and begin to support the outer activities of your days.

Gratitude and appreciation are elements of attraction.

Being still allows you to connect with your subconscious mind. When you cultivate the habit of daily meditation, contemplation, journaling, or sitting for ideas, you gain access to inner guidance that your conscious mind can put into practice.

Ask and you shall receive. More importantly, ask positive questions and afformations. The subconscious mind responds to questions in the tone they are asked. Negative questions yield responses that support the negative result. Positive questions yield answers that support a positive outcome. Ask positive questions and the subconscious seeks to provide the answers.

Focus on your goal daily. Explore your idea. What is it? Why do you want it? How will you feel when you achieve it? Focus keeps your idea in mind until the law of cosmic habitforce takes over and turns your idea into a reality.

Visualize. Play with a game plan, a business plan, or a milestone map that you will allow to evolve over time. Run a mind movie through your mind. Imagine as many details as you possibly can. It will help you believe – and believing is an essential part of becoming what you envision.
Decide to act. You may not be able to do much in the beginning, but find at least one thing you can do every day that gives you the feeling that you want to feel right now, today. It will lift your spirit, as well as helping you move forward along the plan right now, rather than fretting about some distant future.

Monitor your thoughts and feelings. We make choices minute by minute that either move us toward our goal or away from it. Those choices are based on our thoughts and feelings. We want to be ever vigilant to manage our conscious mind so that we are motivated to make the choices to act in ways that bring us the results we desire. If you don’t like the results, take a look at what you’ve been thinking and feeling.

If you are willing to spend some time every day doing these simple things, you will discover that you really can flip your thinking,see what you want unfold and enjoy the best life you can imagine with less time, money and effort. And if you find that your thinking gets in your way, as it very often does, come back to the creative community that is living this process for the support, guidance, accountability and cheerleading you need.

Clear the negative out of your way and give yourself permission to succeed.

For Your Creative Success

Set aside a quiet time daily.

1. Align with your Inner Self. Develop a relationship with your subconscious mind.
2. Journal as you
a. express gratitude for what’s going well.
b. take your emotional and mental temperature.
c. acknowledge contrasts and define what you would prefer.
d. use afformations and shift your perceptions to pop paradigms and eliminate head trash.
e. focus on your primary goal or desire.
f. visualize, see a plan or live out a mind movie.
g. ask for what you have envisioned.
h. allow guidance to emerge through your imagination. Have faith.
i. ask yourself how you will feel when you achieve this goal.
j. ask what is the one thing you could do today to feel that way.
k. express gratitude for what is yet to come.

When you complete your morning meditation, prayer or contemplation, turn your vision over to your subconscious and let go. Then focus on the one thing you can do today and turn your vision over to your self-conscious and do the one thing you identified as soon as possible.

Use afformations and shift your perceptions throughout the day to manage your emotions and refocus on what you can do and how you want to feel. Use other supportive outer techniques as well. Develop activities and master mind relationships in your daily life that support your plan.

Review what went well at the end of the day – and if some things did not go well, ask how they might have been better before you go to sleep. Be persistent. Repeat these steps daily.

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