Why is it Possible to Turn Disaster Into Opportunity?


Hi, I’m Susan Sherayko. I believe we are all creative beings, attracting the elements of the lifestyle that surrounds us to the pursuit of our life work. My goal is to share the principles that enable us to create successfully with less time, money and effort.

By day, I produce television, part of a team that creates content every day. In my spare time, I write about a creative process that anyone can use.

Several years ago my husband and I lost our home of 19 years to a landslide. After we relocated, rebuilt and even improved our lifestyle, I wanted to know –

I studied a great deal during that time and became aware that the steps we took to do this were an example of a creative process. I came to understand the principles, but a nagging question remained. Could I honestly tell others that this process worked? Why does this process have the potential to yield desired results? I wanted to be an example of someone living according to these principles, a successful role model. I wanted to be able to say that the process works if you work it.

But along the way, I got stuck and I didn’t know how to get unstuck. The answer came through the work of Noah St. John. I was amazed by how fast my situation turned around once I knew about additional techniques that improved my life so much, so rapidly.

The result is my book, Rainbows Over Ruins. It is about applying the success principles and creative process in real life; an example that enables you to see how it works and then do it as well.

What became abundantly clear to me is that there are two important aspects to creating –

  • your outer game – the external things you do: defining what you want, making plans about how to achieve it, setting up a structure and systems to support your plans, then acting on the plan and reviewing the results; and
  • your inner game – the internal things that go on in your head – how you think, how you pay attention to your thinking and correct it in order to achieve your goals.

When we get an idea, we are so enthusiastic, however, within a very short period of time, other thoughts start to sound within our head. We may experience positive, supportive thoughts around an idea, as well as critical negative responses, excuses and reasons that make an idea impossible or too hard to undertake. In order to make progress toward any goal, you need a way to reduce or eliminate your “head trash” or it will stop you cold. You literally get in your own way by the way you think.

If you want to create and succeed at your idea, you will want to pop paradigms, wrangle your self-defeating, stinking thinking and manage your emotions. At their essence, success principles, progressive beliefs, power questions, afformations and power habits are all examples of ways that you can support new thought habits so that you can get out of your own way…so you can get unstuck.

Success is a journey to what you are becoming. This material is about where your journey begins and the mental adjustments that need to be made. Are you willing to let go of what you think you know in order to see if it will make a difference? I know this works. I have seen good friends begin these studies as skeptics and today they are on the way to completely turning their lives around. I have seen my own life shift rapidly.

What could it mean to you? Everything.

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