3 Tips to Clear Writer’s Block

Time has been flying by over the past few weeks, although you wouldn’t know it by my blog posts or my podcasts.  I hit a wall.  I had posts in mind, but was waiting for the podcast to solidify before writing any posts.  The podcasts just wouldn’t come together.  Even though I finally recorded one, it sits in storage waiting for me to download and finish it for publication.


Finally, I began to follow my own advice.  I decided to clear areas where I had stacked papers waiting to file, pitch or mark for use later.   My very worst “hotspot” is generally the kitchen counter.  All the mail lands there before I can get a chance to go through it.  And when I am busy, the pile grows higher.  I’d been using the excuse that taxes had to get done before I could deal with it, but since that is no longer the case, I took the pile with me in front of the television and began to go through it.  Absolutely amazing how much winds up in the trash!

With receipts for the new year finally placed in a new bin for 2015, and trash eliminated, the pile was much more manageable.  I was able to place much of it into a sorter and found a notebook I had used earlier in the year to document ideas from a coaching call.  And there as a reminder was the name of the  document I’ve been trying to write.

But wait!  That isn’t the title I’ve been using.

As soon as I realized the subtle difference between the two titles, it became very clear why I was feeling blocked.  I’d been trying to describe outer activities when what I wanted to write described the inner work we need to use to gain the focus, strength and courage to take outer actions.  Just in case you want to poo-poo the importance of such a distinction, the block immediately cleared.  I was able to go back to my own book, pull out the relevant material, organize it and draft a complete document in 48 hours – with no struggle.

The document is now in the hands of my website administrator and I am going to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for the time to go through that pile of papers, to find a draft title and recognize its importance, to focus on the report I was writing and find all the elements that needed to come together so quickly.  I am also grateful for the people who support my work – teachers, coaches, and interesting experts who are willing to share their wisdom so readily with me.  And I’m grateful for the time to create something that will ultimately help someone else find ways to get through challenging times.

If you are feeling blocked, try any of these methods:

1. Clearing is certainly a good way to approach the problem.

2. Afformations.  Ask yourself questions such as “Why do ideas come to me now?” “Why is it so easy to share my thoughts?” “Why do I know the best way to express myself now?”

3.  Express Gratitude.  Gratitude is a way of expressing appreciation for what is or is about to be in your life.  That which you appreciate increases.

Enjoy your writing.  Getting our message out to others is one of the greatest gifts we have to give.

To Your Success,


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