A Call to Look at the Inner Essence of My Vision Board

Recently I had the opportunity to have lunch with Bill Ganz. Up until a short time before that, I did not know who Bill was, but Hannibal Contreras, our video control operator on Home and Family, has known Bill for a long time. Hannibal and Bill first worked together several years ago in connection with Anthony Robbins’ live events.

Hannibal has also read my book Rainbows Over Ruins and felt that Bill and I were two like-minded individuals who ought to meet. Not entirely sure why we were being introduced, Bill and I each initiated a few social media exchanges to break the ice. It took a couple weeks for the three of us to actually get together, but once we did I felt as if I was experiencing a Dr. Spock form of mind meld as we chatted about his work and associates, and found common ground.

Bill Ganz has quite a track record. In addition to live events, Bill is an expert in the areas of personal branding, image making, video production and internet marketing.   His client list includes major corporations, self-improvement leaders like Anthony Robbins and the Deepak Chopra Center, and he speaks of other leaders like Jack Canfield as personal friends.

Bill has made understanding web psychology a priority and translates that knowledge into meaningful media strategies and trainings for companies to engage audiences.   Learning how to engage the audience on social media and still get them to watch our television show was a major challenge for us when “Home and Family” started three years ago so we definitely had something to talk about over lunch.

Afterward, Bill got the tour of our complex, sat in for a good portion of the show and spent a little time in my office, showing me one of his websites and looking at my vision board (which dominates one entire wall). He had so much to share, even in casual conversation that I wished I had recorded it or captured it on paper.

His comments have been resonating with me ever since. It was like getting an electrical shock that energized me. In the short time since that lunch, I’ve made progress on a power point presentation, completed my latest version of my website, www.susansherayko.com, placed a free gift online at www.GiftFromSusan.com, and participated in my first guest appearance on a podcast, Doug Foresta’s Creating Change on Empoweradio.com. Feel free to check them out!

He also gave me a helpful hint. Bill told me he could see the process involved in what I was doing on my vision board, but wanted to see the relationships, the benefits, value and results people would receive from my work up there. Bill had alluded to this over lunch when he mentioned his ebook on “Belonging Networks” which is available on his website, www.billganz.com. It was a good point and represented capturing the very essence of the work I do on the board.

This week I began to dismantle the content that was already there. When I had removed most of it, a core grouping remained: The question ‘What do I want to feel when I have what I want?’ and my answers.

It’s a good question to ask yourself. We make lots of lists – bucket lists – of what we want, but often miss the essence behind them. Why do we want those things? How will they make us feel? Take the time to answer those questions because when you know your why, it empowers you to stick with the goal until you are able to achieve it.

The vision board remains almost empty for now while I explore its essence.   I am literally turning the board inside out to identify the results You want. In the end, to feel the way I want to feel, you too will have to get results so you can experience your desired feelings as well. It’s a spiral of benefits, one to another.  If you get a chance try it for yourself.

To Your Success,


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