First Survey Results Are In!

Last week, I crafted my very first survey to learn a little more about the people who are seeing my messages. I thought you might find the results interesting. Not being a survey analyst, I am relying on my instincts to interpret them. I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment and share your thoughts.

Here are the results:

  1. 100% of the respondents are working in one form or another. 50% are working, 38% have their own companies and 12.5% are self-employed franchise owners.
  2. 100% have experienced a life changing disaster.
  3. 87.5% have education beyond a high school diploma.
  4. 75% are between the age of 41-70.

After that, the answers get much more diverse.

When asked how they got past their disaster: 25% went to therapy or received coaching and 25% wrote their own book (and started a business around it). The remaining 50% are still working on getting past the situation. Some gave it to God; others divorced but haven’t claimed a successful resolution yet.

The most diverse responses came when asked about their financial situation. The results ranged all along the spectrum from being comfortable to struggling. 25% are receiving help from their families, and 25% are improving their situation, although they expect it will take some time before they will call themselves comfortable.

Their deepest desires were as individual as their financial results: wanting to succeed in their own business, improving health and helping others do so, caring for family, finding purpose and meaningful work and reaching heaven. The most encouraging results are that 87.5% describe themselves as somewhere along the spectrum from being happy with their current situation, actively rebuilding, working toward achieving their goals or setting new ones, and looking for help to define their path to accomplish these things. 12.5% describe themselves as working and praying.

It’s encouraging to see these results as my podcast “Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity” would appear to serve this group. So many are still working through their personal life altering events with their significant financial ripples. I am glad to see that they are actively looking for solutions which gives me an opportunity to share new ideas with them.

I’m putting my thinking cap on to identify new questions designed to reveal what this group would like from me in order to support their efforts to achieve their deepest desires. Since you are reading this message, it would really help if you send me a note with your feelings about what you would find helpful as well. I would love to hear from you.

To Your Success,


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