Thoughts on Manifesting a Vision

What an intense few weeks we’ve had. We were holding a wedding – a real wedding – on the show and expectations were high. It not only had to be a beautiful and memorable evening for the couple, but all their guests who had traveled great distances to attend as well. It also had to be equally beautiful as it translated through the cameras to the audiences who would be watching.   For those last few weeks until it was seen by all our viewers, all thoughts of my vision of my own creative projects were burned out of my mind. I had to focus on a single mission.

So with the wedding behind me, I am regrouping. As I refocus on my own dreams, I’m pondering the process that enables us to manifest what we desire. If you have a project you want to manifest, you may want to pull out your own notebook and go through this exercise with me. It’s a good one.

I start my day meditating, praying, writing in my journal and/or visualizing where I have been and where I want to go next. This is designed to engage the subconscious mind.   If you are more visual than verbal, you might want to sketch rather than verbalize.

  1. I begin my contemplation with gratitude and appreciation. To draw what we want to us, we must love the idea and also be able to find that which we can appreciate in our existing environment. That opens the door to new ideas and resources to help us achieve our goals.
  2. Sometimes we have a few cobwebs in our thinking — beliefs or thought habits that get in the way of our achieving our goals. As soon as we recognize them, it’s important to re-frame them in a more beneficial manner. Here’s an example: when we are in the midst of a good situation, but we are thinking of doing, being or having something more, we may feel guilty. The solution involves giving ourselves permission to enjoy being where we are, even as we gravitate toward the vision that calls us and we believe will satisfy us even more.

I surround such a statement with afformations such as: Why am I able  to enjoy the feeling of my new idea? Why does this new idea satisfy me more? Why does the idea fill me with so much joy and well-being? Afformations like this help us feel good about situations by removing negative thought patterns that might stop our creative progress. We can do something similar when we are in the midst of an extremely negative situation.

  1. As often as possible, I take the time to visualize the mind movie connected to my vision. As we see the next steps unfold in the mind’s eye toward the desired outcome, we experience feelings about it. We can go back and edit our choices if we dislike the results we see, or discover new possibilities we had never considered.

We may discover a paradigm that is holding us back from going after our idea, or limiting our choices because we believe only the lesser is possible. You may be familiar with these limiting thoughts if you believe you must work hard or start at the bottom and work your way up in order to be successful. Perhaps you believe that you need lots of money before you can begin. When you are visualizing, you can insert an alternative choice that allows you to bypass limiting beliefs and take the short cut. You can visualize the people and resources that come to you to help you manifest your dreams. In your vision, you have the plans; you have the experience.

  1. By the way, I’m not suggesting that you do not have to take action on the way to manifesting a goal. Actions are “how” factors. Part of visualizing is to see which actions move us closer to our goals and then determine which ones we can do every day. They establish a footprint in the outer world and neural pathways in the mental world toward manifestation. The plans, mind maps and presentations we create around an idea guide us as to which routines to establish. They also enable others to understand what you wish to create. They provide a tangible representation of an idea for others to grasp.
  2. Daily actions become routines that enable us to manifest. Everything begins with an idea which we hold while we build up the reality around us. It’s important to evaluate your daily routine to determine if it is contributing to getting you where you want to go in the time frame in which you wish to accomplish it. If not, does it need some tweaking? What resources and help do you want?

I am currently involved with several groups of authors and content creators who work together to build their platforms. A platform is the place you find to stand and meet your audience. An author starting from scratch has a variety of platforms from which to choose: book signings, book launches, speaking engagements, advertising blogs, podcasts, websites, radio, TV, You-Tube, other Internet venues, course offerings and joint ventures among them. The secret is to determine what it will take to get to some of these platforms and who will help you to do it. People may discover you on someone one else’s platform and then come visit you where you establish your own.

What actions are you willing to build into your daily routine that will contribute to a growing awareness of what you are doing and creating? What are you willing to eliminate from your routines so that you have the time and energy to pursue those which will carry you forward?

Ultimately, s/he who has the intention and will to persistently review their vision and take actions toward their goals is moving toward them. The will to persist comes from focusing on one’s vision, knowing why the goal is important and observing the feelings attached to it. To determine the next best actions, know what has to happen before getting to the next level, and what can be done right now, right where you are. And even when you are doing all the right things, you need to be aware of any thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from becoming the person who can receive what is desired. The more often you can feel the way you want to feel when you achieve your goal, the faster you align with it and the faster it appears.

I am so glad that I took the time to remind myself of these thoughts on manifestation. When life is really crazy all around us, it’s helpful to sit down and think this through. I’m feeling so much more energized and ready to take on my next best actions toward my goals. I hope you are inspired as well.

To Your Success,


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