The Joys of a Summer Break

Summer break is a wonderful time to do things that are a little more fun than serious — and since I haven’t had a long break in a couple years, I made the most of it over the past few weeks.

First, I inundated myself with soccer matches.  No, I do not play, but my grandson does.  I went up to Seattle to visit and watch an entire week of conference games, rounding it off with tickets to the Sounders game.  The entire family loves soccer and I was more than ready to get into the spirit of things.

Next, I decided to practice the art of doing nothing.  For me, that equates to meditating and sitting for ideas with no lists and no plans.  Then I hunkered down with the 5th novel in the Game of Thrones series and finished it!  During the season, it can take me months to finish pleasure reading so this was a marvelous indulgence.

One of the fun things about the novels (and the shows) is the genealogy of all the characters.  I’m just geeky enough to have written that out for the show when I first discovered it.  So I carried my enjoyment of historical mysteries into my own family tree.  Since my daughter’s family enjoys it as well, we spent a little time working on it together and made some fascinating discoveries along the way.

This was followed up with a marketing project that has been on my To Do list for months.  When you carry projects too long, they become a burden, so I threw myself into it for a day and knocked it out. I experienced a fantastic lightness of spirit when it was done.

Do you see a pattern starting here?  What started out as doing nothing rapidly transformed into doing projects I rarely have time to do when I’m in production.   By this week, I am rejuvenated and ready to jump back into all my normal activities.  Isn’t that what a vacation or hiatus is all about?

This week, I was a guest speaker on Lissa Coffey’s Relationship Summit.  (replay information to come as soon as it’s available) and completed the post production on  a new episode of my Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity podcast.  You can get a first listen before it posts on iTunes and Stitcher here:


This was a fun episode to do.  Sara Hathaway is the author of the novel Day After Disaster.  It was the kind of fun read that mixes disaster with adventure and finds you asking yourself how you would fare if you suddenly found yourself in a similar situation.   It might be just the novel to round our your summer fun.

By next week’s post, I’ll be back to the studio and all the routines of my regular production schedule, feeling lighter, more energized, and looking forward to bringing ever more valuable content to you.

Wishing you a similar lightness of Spirit —

To Your Success,


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