What is the Key to Bounce Back from Adversity?

Getting out of the deep pit of adversity is a challenging journey through the gamut of human emotions.  If you successfully navigate the pathways, you bounce back from adversity.  But what is the key that enables you to bounce back and, not only that, move on to thrive in life?

I’ve pondered this at length while writing this post.  I was sure that Faith and Belief were the key, but then word cloud research from my book “Rainbows Over Ruins” revealed that Action was the most used word within it.  Actions are certainly critical to progress, so which is it?  I found the answer in the old Shaker saying, “Pray and move your feet.”   As I write, I immediately think of other factors including being willing to make the journey when you are at your lowest.

Certainly, we spring into action instinctually after a disaster or major setback.  However, we don’t think clearly.  Shock immobilizes us for a time, but as the shock wears off, we may be overwhelmed by strong, negative emotions.  Profound fear paralyzes us.  The confrontation with poverty brought on by serious setbacks brings on despair, hopelessness and apathy.  Needy in every way, lacking resources and energy, we may lose the will to live.   Grief itself can overpower us in the belief that what has been lost can never be replaced which, in turn, can lead to stagnation in a powerless depression.  We are brought to our knees, humbled by the immensity of it all.

It is in these early moments that the Shaker saying rings so true.  Pray.  We are at a total loss, not knowing what to do or how to do it.  It is a time to pause and open to our loving connection to a power greater than ourselves.  This power is known by many names: God, Source Energy, Quantum Consciousness, All That Is, and hundreds of others.  When we feel powerless, the greatest action we can take is to connect to this power.  Our subconscious mind provides the link and we have only to quietly listen for guidance, be open to receive it and rest in the healing energies that flow freely to us.

Over the years, I have studied many ways to achieve this connection – prayers, meditation, centering and journaling among them.  I am aware that many are not ready to take this step.  For those people, I suggest a technique that sounds more scientific to help get past doubts and rejection.  It uses the subconscious mind’s natural function as a search engine to ask positive why questions.  Coined as Afformations by Noah St. John, you do not have to believe anything.  You simply have to ask – and keep asking — as guidance, resources and contacts come to you.  Then be willing to act on that guidance.  That is the second part of that Shaker saying – move your feet.

As you act, you begin to see results.  If these results bring positive feelings, you are taking the right steps.  As you continue to use your subconscious to connect to quantum consciousness, you are acting in faith in something and your belief that you can recover grows.   If you treat this as a relationship, especially a loving relationship, amazing things begin to happen.  Fear and other traumatic negative emotions lessen and when you feel them, you can turn them over to this Higher Power, asking for resolution.

To move your feet, joining a support group or mastermind will help.  Members and leaders can share their experiences and help victims get past the fears that affect them most heavily.  Being around others, you find the will power to take needed actions.  Creating new routines can also sustain you.  For me, consistently using daily simple tasks replaced fear and anger with action and gratitude.  Committing to these can help you avoid or rise out of depression.

This continual movement between prayer and action becomes the key to your ongoing progress.  As negative emotions pass, there is more room for ideas for you to explore and get motivated to take new and different actions.  The thought of actions begins to form into a plan that you can follow.

Knowing what you want at this moment is essential.  Before you get anything, you have to want something.  If you don’t know what you want, you wander around, just going through the motions of surviving.  Play with the ideas that are coming to you until you find one that starts to take on a life of its own and then focus your energy on it.

These early desires may not be your lifelong dream.  They may be more basic, designed to help you stabilize and survive long term.  Organize your thoughts to create a believable action plan of what has to happen in order for you to achieve these first goals.

These action steps become a record that demonstrates you are making progress.  They instill the belief that you can sustain your progress with more actions.  This is important as everyone runs into obstacles along the path to achieve.  The challenge is to believe and expect when our outer circumstances indicate the polar opposite and we have absolutely no idea how something will happen.  That’s when we create belief out of thin air.

One way to do this is by taking small actions that move ideas into possibilities.  Below are a few suggested steps to build belief that what you want is possible:

  • Figure out what would be required to pursue your biggest idea.
  • Take an inventory of your skills and abilities.
  • See what training might be required and sign up for it.
  • Make a plan of action steps you can take to achieve your goals.
  • Get organized and do one thing every day that moves you toward your new dream.
  • Start behaving “as if” you are getting what you want. It will bring you comfort.

Watch the results you get and adjust to stay on course in spite of obstacles or conflicts that may develop.  Be ready to revise your plan around new and evolving visions.

When you get here, you are standing on the edge of possibility, filled with passion and enthusiasm.  You will survive.  You have the opportunity – a second chance – to rebuild toward what you want now.  You are moving toward thriving with the willingness to explore and realize unending possibilities.

Remember, regardless of the circumstances – both inner and outer – in which you find yourself, you can thrive.  Choose your life.  Create your universe.  Pray and move your feet. You can do it.

I believe in you,


About the Author:  Susan Sherayko is a 3 time Emmy nominated executive in charge of production for a daily morning television show.  She is also a life, success, power habits and media coach and author, “Rainbows Over Ruins” in which she shares her journey after a landslide destroyed her home.  Susan helps people release the obstacles in their lives so they can share their message and mission, impact the world and gain the freedom to live the life of their dreams.   For more information on how to survive and thrive, check out her website, www.susansherayko.com and pick up her “Survivor’s Guide: 12 Tips to Gain Inner Peace” as a FREE GIFT (http://www.GiftFromSusan.com).

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