How are you holding up?

How are you doing?  It’s been one month since we left our office to sequester in our homes. There’s been plenty to keep us busy, but we’re not used to the sudden calm.  It is a challenge to let go of the pace and busyness of our normal lives.  We miss  our regular social interactions. There is a loneliness to this.  To which I say, you are not alone.  We are all in this together.

How can I find meaning in any of this?  It is a time for reflection.  It is a time to ask, to inquire and to reach out to others.

It is written – ask and you shall receive.  So I center, rest and trust in that space.  Can you feel the presence?  When you take the time to disconnect from the physical, emotional and mental, there is something that remains.  The sensation is that of a centered being of light and love an dpower.  Be still and know your source.  This is quantum consciousness, here before all things, all that is, has been, will be and all that remains, that in which we live and move and have our being.

Be still and listen.  Here you find unconditional love and creative consciousness.   Together we will create something entirely new, proceeding in an orderly fashion out of that which has gone before.  Be willing to receive.  We read the word: “Be strong for I am with you.”  You are not alone.

I resonate with how many people and companies are taking actions to help one another.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Each day I look to the news to learn what new actions have been taken by ordinary Americans and our businesses to reduce the suffering and concerns of the people:  the medical teams, the services that stay open to keep us fed.   I am uplifted by the ingenuity and flexibility of so many people who have shifted their focus to serve the common need.  Among the first movers in industry who responded to the call were those who were able to think out of the box and shift what they currently manufactured.  MyPillow converted one of its buildings to face mask production.  Buck Mason pivoted from sportswear to face masks.  Etsy reports thousands of people selling face masks – designer face masks – as an example of Americans to help #standwithsmall.   You-Tube is filled with videos on how to make masks from bandanas and hair ties, and waxed paper. Florida International University turned its innovative labs into 3D printing facilities along with HP and other large companies who stepped up to the plate as well.  Faulkner Plastics began making face shields.  Six hundred distilleries like Bicardi switched their production from liquor to hand sanitizers.  Other manufacturers began making hospital gowns. Over the weekend, a NYC lawyer offered his services for free to help those who are suffering from the impact of the virus.  The list is long.

As empty as Easter services were, there was an effort to still celebrate with drive-in style and streaming services.  A woman struggling with deep personal problems was drawn to a church filled with such cars.  As the minister called for them to turn on their hazard lights together, she was moved from a breakdown to a breakthrough.  Live streaming has filled the hearts of many from church to church and attendance is up.

Early on, restaurants who were able to do so switched from seating their guests to service take out.  Shake Shack created a new offering – Go Belly where you pick up the supplies you need to cook the meal at home.  They were among others searching for ways to ensure liquidity and keep people employed and available.  Other restaurants like Yoga-urt in Los Angeles opened a Go-Fund me page to keep her employees working while they provided their product to healthcare providers. KFC donated 1,000,000 pieces of chicken for the health care providers.  A pizza parlor donates meals to frontline workers.  My point is this, there are numerous ways we can help or be helped during these times regardless of our pocketbooks or status.

Now that the first discussions have started about how we are going to come back to normal productivity, many of us are already committed to doing whatever it takes to get back to business.  This is not the time to sit back on our heels.  Instead, we can step out in courage as soon as we’re given permission to do so.  It’s up to us – it’s up to me to make things happen.

To do this, we’ll need to work at managing our mind and emotions.  Stay centered and open to inner guidance for how you can make a difference.

Keep holding your vision.  This is one time when you can clearly see what is stopping you.  Use the time to find solutions and plan how we will emerge. Use a simple plan that can be executed today rather than a complicated plan that takes a year to roll out.  If you need help creating a plan, look for people who can help or teach you how to do it.  Look at what other people are doing.

Ask yourself how you serve others and what you can do right now to continue to serve.  Maybe you can’t get out of the house, but you have a phone and a computer.  Maybe you can help coordinate or aid in the work of other organizations who have stepped up to the plate.

Ask yourself if you can use your assets, skills and expertise to offer something new.  Consider helping others by giving it away.  Ask yourself what is on everyone’s mind, what they want and need, then create products, services or information that helps them to get it.

Remember you are not alone.  If you need help, reach out.  Reconnect with people you never have time to call or someone who comes to mind.  Reconnect with yourself.  Look at how you live your life and what you want.

If you want to feel better by helping someone else, check out #AmericaTogether, #Strong, #alonetogether.  Love one another.  If you want to help others by donating, find your favorite charity and find out what they need.  Give blood.  Give plasma.

If you’d like more ideas on how best to survive this time, download my Survivor Guide: 12 Tips to Gain Inner Peace.  It’s available at

We will come through this time.  And we will come back stronger for the lessons learned.  You go, America!

Be strong. Be well. Be safe.  Be inspired.

I believe in you,


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