Has Anyone Given You a Roadmap to Rebuild?

As I look back to those first few weeks after our landslide, life was pretty chaotic. There were many things outside my life experience that needed to be handled, however, the solutions were not evident. At the time, I can remember wishing someone had written a guidebook, but I couldn’t find it. …so recently I started a podcast.  It’s called Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity.  It’s on iTunes and Stitcher.  I write about my guests and personal stories on my blog at www.RainbowsOverRuins.com.

If you’d like to skip the read and jump right over to listen to the first of the roadmap episodes.  It is also available at: http://ssherayko.audello.com/rebuildingyourlife1006susansheraykoonmapst1433823264mp3/

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