ind21“A modern-day Siddhartha. Rainbows Over Ruins walks you through a spiritual journey that is not focused on the ‘out there’ but more on the ‘in here.’ How do we transition from one phase of our lives while allowing ourselves to grow from what we have learned from the past? Susan helps you help yourself.” – Wileen Charles, Founder, Starseed Foundation

“I love working with Susan because she has an amazing ability to help me gain clarity and focus about the possibilities that surround me. Susan is so skilled and supportive that her faith in my abilities has transformed my thinking and now I know the action steps I want to take with certainty and enthusiasm.” – Susan Prime, Prime Coaching, U.K.

“Susan ran the Producers Guild of America seminars program for years – and while she was heading it up we had an amazing array of well-produced, always-well-attended and interesting seminars and “evenings with” events. She has a real handle on putting together top-notch panels, finding guest speakers and outlining the main topics for the seminars, as well as a great attention to the details needed to pull these off. I highly recommend her and her fantastic skills.” – Tim Gibbons, Executive Producer, HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Governor, Producers Peer Group, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

“What I appreciate about you is your sincere and great generosity of spirit. You have an almost unlimited tolerance for the foibles of others and manage to find humor in some of the most trying circumstances. I can always count on you to give me an honest, balanced assessment of whatever is happening privately or globally. You never stagnate. You’re always seeking ways to make your life better and more meaningful. That is inspirational to me.” – Susan Scudder, Actress, Casting Director

“Susan uses her whole brain when crafting solutions. She knows how to visualize the result she wants and then build the structure to support the dream. She constantly prods people who are stuck in one way of seeing something into realizing new paths to take up the mountains of success. Now she is willing to share her unique approach to creating success systems with people who are ready to go the next level in their business and personal lives. I would sign up for her seminars and coaching program quickly because once the word gets out the waiting list is going to be long. I can’t think of anyone else I would trust more with creating the logistics for launching a new endeavor. Susan knows how to create successful enterprises and she is willing to coach you to your next success.” – Kate Maxwell, Hypnotist, Spiritual Life Coach

“Calm, Serenity, Wisdom, Patience, Empathy. These are the characteristics that I think of, when I think of you. Throughout our relationship, you have always “shared only and freely” with me. You have never been judgmental (of anyone really) or unkind with words. Your ability to take in all the information surrounding a situation, process it in a kind, loving and logical way and then interpret the information back in such a way that I feel that I too can learn and grow from the experience, whether it was mine or not. Susan, I believe that you are a conduit, maybe not the right word…a channel…o.k. I laymen’s terms, you are the glue that holds us all together. If I were ever in a crisis…I’d want you to be with me more than anyone I know.” – Toni Casala, Owner, Children in Film

“When the Producers Guild of America merged with the American Producers of America, limited benefits were available for a fast growing membership. Susan Sherayko stepped in and created the most successful enrichment programs possible for the PGA. She became the Chairperson of the Seminar programs and was able to offer the membership an opportunity to learn the essentials of how to be a better producer of TV, Motion Pictures and Syndication for many leaders and icons in our industry. The subject matter was vast as each seminar attempted to instruct the producers in a vast array of subjects. Susan produced or was responsible for the vision of this stellar committee. Turnout of attendees for these seminars was consistently gratifying in both in numbers and approvals. The legacy of Susan’s organizational skills and execution is exemplified by the continuing programs being offered today for the PGA membership…now over 4000 members strong. Thanks, Susan, I personally enjoyed attending your seminars and afterwards felt more confident and wiser.” – George Sunga, Executive Producer, “The Jeffersons”, Governor, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

“I found working with Susan delightful because of her sense of humor and our ability to laugh either at a situation or ourselves.” – Anita McGarr, Business Affairs

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