ind19Whatever the circumstances in which you find yourself, there is a way to get through the situation and improve your life.

Whether working 1-on-1, in a small group, even in charrettes among co-workers and communities of interdisciplinary contributors, you can find solutions when you learn to look as problems as creative opportunities to talk through your needs as well as your desires for any given project.

Author of Rainbows Over Ruins, Susan Sherayko believes that everyone is creative and by using the creative thought process with its daily prescription for success, you can choose rainbows over ruins. If you change the way you think, you can turn disaster into opportunity and become the most successful person you desire to be.

Utilizing her training in psychosynthesis, as an empowered spiritual life coach, LifeSuccess consultant and afformer, as well as her experience that has led her to become an Emmy nominated producer and television executive, Susan leads others through a creative thought process that yields successful results for individuals and organizations.

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Susan will be pleased to work with you as you define the essence of your dreams and deliberately set out to create and achieve them.

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